Into this atmosphere, Evgeny Shvarts introduced The Dragon, a children’s play that details the adventures of the knight Lancelot as he battles an evil dragon. By Eugene Schwartz. “The Dragon” is a play written by the Russian writer Eugene Shwartz in , when the war was on and the fates of the entire world hung. The Dragon (by Eugene Schwartz. Ilya Gutner. Uploaded by. Ilya Gutner. The Dragon A fairy tale in three acts Characters: The Dragon. Lancelot. Charlemagne .

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Takes the weapons in his hands, puts the musical instrument at his feet. One god, one sun, one moon, one head on our sovereign’s shoulders. They will carry out their duties to the best of their abilities. City council members stand to the right and left of the big chair in the middle. Well, in time, they finally stopped going against him. Why yes, but we have temporarily promoted it to helmet. Puff has an eye for girls. I am a luthier.


You are going to die now — bravely, quietly and disgracefully.

Evgeny Schwartz

The conqueror of the dragon marries the girl he has saved. The ground was soaked with blood. Power just fell into them all by itself! No, but I am confused.

The Dragon

Hallucinations, fixations, you name it. Lancelot what is it we want of him. Why are you standing over there all alone? Just had a fit of kleptomania yesterday.

Now we have completely cleansed ourselves of them, but as recently as a hundred years ago any brunette had to prove he did not have gypsy blood in him. Even if we would never live to see that happiness, no matter. First published drgaon performed during World War II, the original production diligently attempted to avoid governmental regulation by making all of the promotional material and design elements suggest that the titular dragon was Hitler.

My only sonny boy! Do you know why the burgomaster parades scheartz supposed madness around? Stick it to them!


Dragon, English Translation: Y. Machkasov

He knows full well it is impossible to defeat the dragon. Do not be concerned, my dear Elsa. Five handlers are yelling at him.

And this is the honest truth, pure truth, the purest truth in the world. Butler swings the door wide open. Now tell me, Cat, what happened here?

Evgeny Schwartz – Wikipedia

Even rocks would smarten up. I could have grown so many flowers instead! To listen to you, it all sounds so noble and dignified. This is nice hte remember.

And here I meet you, as if on purpose. Fairy Tale or Subversion?

Those stupid guards wouldn’t even let me to my own daughter.