The Making of a Therapist has ratings and 21 reviews. Lisa said: Wow! As I have stated before, I only give out 5 stars to those books that I feel hav. Cozolino provides a unique look inside the mind and heart of an experienced therapist as he reflects upon the early stages of his career. In addition, The Making. 1 May Refreshingly direct and clear, with bullet points regularly summing up main points to be used as practical aids or spurs to reflection, Cozolino’s.

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Nadia rated it liked it Nov 13, This insightful passage ignores the possibility that the tye of any standards or agreed-upon criteria for efficacy adds much to the insecurity of psychotherapists. This is based on his experience teaching courses on psychotherapy, where ” Despite the fact that the therapist’s self-insight, rherapist maturity, and calm centeredness are critical for successful psychotherapy, rote knowledge and technical skills are the The difficulty and cost of training psychotherapists properly is well known.

The self-knowledge ideal presented in this book is morally laudable, but the lack of clear standards for either training or practice puts much of psychotherapy today under a cloud, and on the margins of ethical practice. The final section, ‘Getting to Know Yourself,’ goes to the core of the therapist’s relation to him- or herself, addressing such issues as: I wish I had read it when I first started my clinical psychology practice.

A guide to beginning therapists, this was a wonderful adjunct to my first year of professional experience. Cozoliho was assigned to read this book in my practicum course for grad school prior to my internship. Should be a must read mental health professionals. The difficulty and cost of training psychotherapists properly is well known. Hardcoverpages.

Excellent book for any therapist, beginning or experienced. I would recommend this book to every student hoping to become a mental health professional.

Our temperaments and personal histories create patterns of thinking and feeling that direct our behavior outside of awareness. Books by Louis Cozolino. A must buy for those in training and also for lecturers.


In many countries, there is an official regulation of professional psychology, psychiatry, or social work but such labels as “psychoanalyst”, “psychotherapist”, or “counselor” are not registered, certified, licensed, or otherwise protected by legislation in most countries where they are commonly in use.

Despite the fact that the therapist’s self-insight, emotional maturity, and calm centeredness are critical for successful psychotherapy, rote knowledge and technical skills are the focus of most training programs. These books are great, don’t get me wrong, but The Making of a Therapist provided me with something I was lacking in my education and independent study.

Cozolino used case examples from his own practice in working with clients, as well as his students’ struggles and triumphs. The author’s basic theory of human behavior is that “We are guided and directed by multiple unconscious processes of memory and emotion Therapit best makin are fully human and engage in the struggles of life.

We have a sense of our own fears, insecurities, and “craziness” while we accord others their polished social presentation In addition, The Making of a Therapist contains the practical advice, common-sense wisdom, and self-disclosure that practicing professionals have found to be the most helpful during their own training.

In this context, Cozolino presents the notion of the ‘good enough’ therapist, one who can surrender to his or her own imperfections while still guiding the therapeutic relationship to a positive outcome.

The Making of a Therapist counters this trend by offering graduate students and beginning therapists a personal account of this important inner journey. Although we all thw life in a state of complete egocentrism, we can learn to have a broader perspective through experience and education.

The Making of a Therapist by Louis Cozolino

The Making of a Therapist filled a void of unanswered questions for me. A part I know I will always remember and it made me laugh out loud was when Cozilono was sitting with a client one time, and then there was an earthquake, so Cozilono sat their quietly and asked the client “How does this make you feel?


Metapsychology New Review Announcements: Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, trained as a clinical psychologist, has written about the ideology and morality of psychotherapy, most extensively in his book Despair and Deliverance.

The language of these emotions is also very basic; it is the language of childhood.

A review of foundational issues and useful guide with helpful case examples throughout. Mar 09, Katja rated it really liked it. Our editor is Christian Perring, PhD. Cart Support Signed in as: D Quoting and slightly editing a sentence by the author; “It was painful for me to realize that I wasn’t perfect but a relief to find out that I didn’t have to be in order to be a good therapist.

I admired him for allowing the reader to see his vulnerabilities, his struggles, his failures, as well as his successes. Honestly, an incredible book. Reading this is really an inner journey. Feb 02, Ethan rated it it was amazing Shelves: The anxiety, the difficulty to accept mistakes, the shame of not knowing all I loved this book. Psychodynamicwhich means incorporating the basic premises of psychoanalysis as a general theory and the basic premises of psychoanalysis as a psychotherapy system, while not adhering to most of the actual practices of psychoanalysis as psychotherapy.

The Making of a Therapist

The author endorses the projective hypothesis to the extent of assuming the validity of so-called projective tests, which indicates a lack of familiarity with the research literature on psychological therspist. Both an excellent introduction to the field as well as a valuable refresher for the experienced clinician, The Making of a Therapist cozollno readers the tools and insight that make the journey of becoming a therapist a rich and rewarding experience. Authentic, genuine, insightful, helpful, encouraging.