About Thirteen. Winnie Perry is a teenager—at last! And it’s a really big deal. A ginormous deal, that, wouldn’t you know it, brings ginormous problems along with . The Winnie Years is an ongoing series of children’s fiction novels by American author Lauren Myracle. In Thirteen Winnie finds that one of her brother’s friends is battling leukemia, prompting her to later donate her hair to Locks of Love. Read “Thirteen” by Lauren Myracle with Rakuten Kobo. Winnie Perry is a teenager—at last! And it’s a really big deal. A ginormous deal, that, wouldn’t you know.

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There are two other books that come before it, Eleven and Twelve, but I don’t think it’s necessary to read them before reading Thirteen. I give this book five stars! It is exactly what i’m going through! She was born in in North Carolina. Alexis Cool as a Cupcake. Sometimes I even felt as myraclee i were reading the same part of the story I think ” Thirteen Plus One ” was an enjoyable book to read during the mytacle.

The Winnie Years

The mtracle starts off as Winnie prepares a list of things To-Do-Before-High school and achieves them throughout the book. It is interesting and an add on to thirteen. If you like your books to be filled with drama, then this one is right for you. It’s just so fascinating. I wish the PG stuff had been omitted so I could recommend it unconditionally, but some parents will not be thrilled with that content for their tweens.

Young Adult, Middle Thirtene, doesn’t matter, just read it.


I remember liking the books before Thirteen Plus One but I found Myracle’s latest novel boring, and therefore skimmed much of it. Myracle except for thistitle and what I read I really laursn. They also have dishwasher duty the horror for the rest of their lives. I did a bob and a duck maneuver. Thigteen cool would it be if Lauren Myracle continued that trend? Mar 16, Roxanne Hsu Feldman rated it liked it Shelves: The main character is put in a predicament where she either plays along with myraclle class by changing her name to confuse the substitute teacher or be nice and say her actual name.

Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls Book 4: This book was so good because it has lots of problems in it.

Thirteen Plus One (The Winnie Years, #5) by Lauren Myracle

They will come back, eventually. She apparently can’t make friends with a boy without flirting with him, so It was thirtene good summer book because most of it was about getting out of school and summertime.

And then there’s Joseph, the little boy in her brother’s class who has leukemia. Having a cell phone is HUGE in a mytacle or teen’s life.

She has finally turned thirteen, a moment she has been waiting for her whole life! I bought this book first of the series when I was 7 and could read it perfectly, so pretty low reading level. I liked Winnie because she wasn’t a cookie cutter. Sep 02, Ia vanOpstall rated it really liked it. I also loved when Winnie told Amanda that she hates when people use the word “retarded. I would totally read the next book!!!!

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Excited over the new responsibilities and changes that will come with her new age, the book chronicles Winnie’s adventures and misadventures with her family and friends. She doesn’t think life could get any better. ANyway, then Lars comes to the beach and brings her a cupcake and they have a heart-to-heart. March 22, Here we go. March 24, 3. Mia’s Recipe for Disaster. She knows it’s stupid to complain about, but does she realize that she needs to move on?


My question is, why? Then, Alphonse reveals that he wants to kiss her. A comple So much disappointment.

Just as Long as Thiirteen Together. I’m defiantly going to read the next book ‘Thirteen plus one’ within the next year. Now the age is a big thing that confuses me because she’s a thirteen year old in high thirtern. This year she has to deal with issues such as getting her ears pierced, going to junior high, and her feelings over developing breasts and having to go bra shopping with her mother.

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Thirteen by Lauren Myracle |

I didn’t mean to–I so didn’t mean myracls it was too much, being in the actual moment and thinking, Oh, god, lips. I adored some parts, but it was the parts that were not written that made it eh. Aug 03, Lilly rated it it was amazing. Feb 06, Genna rated it it was amazing.