ETHIOPIA: LAUREATE TSEGAYE GEBREMEDHIN POEM COLLECTION. November 20 Next articleA Must-Listen: Ethiopian Poet Tigist Mamo’s Poem, “ Egna”. Esat Wey Abeba (Tsegaye ) እሣት ወይ አበባ ፀጋዬ ገብረመድህን. Uploaded by Gebeyehu Aragaw Tsegaw. Tsegaye Gebremedhin, Poems, laureat. 2 May The poet and dramatist Tsegaye Gebre-Medhin, who has died aged 69, They wrote poems and plays on the paper bags their food came in.

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Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin is a revered soul who brought out the best of his homeland — her stunning peaks and valleys, her triumphs and struggles, and always reminding us to rise and grow into our best selves.

Laureate Tsegaye Gebremedhin Poem Collection | Abbay Media

It is from them that I learn about my country and people. The roar at the end of each recitals being indicative of how special it had been. He noted in Kebrit cited earlier that his travails as tsegahe man of letters started in when he won the HSI Prize.

In the introduction to her interview, Ms. This is what has won the Ethiopian respect among fellow Africans and many others.

And perhaps a school of thought may develop around his literary legacies. Agit-prop came into its own under the Marxist regime, as did Tsegaye’s own brand of declamatory nationalism. Despite this, “I like to go out and communicate with the common folk of Ethiopia,” Tsegaye wrote in This is an eloquent statement on the meaning of art mirroring, amplifying and clarifying life.

Issat wey Abeba Fire or Flower. He has an encyclopedic mind, a universal heart and a Herculean energy. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I think that has been what the ancient history of Africa, the ancient history of Ethiopia has meant and means to us.


At least in part a contributory factor is the failure by his compatriots to translate or otherwise familiarize the wider reading and studying public with his works and their intrinsic edifying value in the first place.

Ruling elites have been exploiting his willingness to sacrifice all for freedom. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: As part of an ongoing effort to keep his literary legacy alive, family and friends are organizing a year-long series of events in Addis Ababa and Washington DC.

Tsegaye Gebre-Medhin

I am frightened by ignorance. So, as we go to America to learn, the Americans must also come here to learn. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Yet your love is Gebrenedhin blossoms as a bine, While the lilies cease blooming And the sun does no more shine.

It is that which I reflect in my writings. Likewise, it should also be noted that the present article is neither meant to be an exhaustive literary criticism in the professional or academic sense nor a deification of Tsegaye, the fallible human being.

But his precocious self-reading of his inner needs, moods and proclivities pointed towards pastures for artistic and literary expression. His love for his country, the people, the culture, the history, the heritage, the humanity and the uncompromising love for freedom exudes and explodes through much of his writing. This was often achieved under trying circumstances.

On the contrary, the one field enlightens the other; the one even lights up the path that has not been too clear in the gegremedhin instance.

His career spanned three regimes: One does, however, get oblique references to some lingering issues and perceptions in certain quarters with regard to Tsegaye and his works through interviewers who keep asking him about them. There are persistent reports that the actors were beaten while on tour. Emperor Haile Selassie I’s feudal rule, Mengistu Hailemariam’s Marxist dictatorship under which he was briefly imprisonedand the putative democracy of Meles Zenawi.


Tsegaye’s perseverance is in keeping with characteristic Ethiopian trait tsegayd by corollaries like, consistency, predictability, reliability, hope, faith and sense of duty.


One of the unique qualities or gifts of Tsegaye is his uncanny ability to successfully juggle so many activities and involvements simultaneously as no other Ethiopian artist or public figure has done. And he is a member of the United Poets Laureate International. When asked recently in a Tobia interview what he likes most and what he does not, Poet Laureate said, I crave for knowledge.

One way of gauging and determining what kind of reaction Poet Laureate Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin has had is to summarize and highlight salient points from the foregoing profile of the man and his works. For half a century now he has been continuously productive as poet, playwright, essayist, social critic, philologist, historiographer, dramatist, synthesist, peace activist, artistic director Tsegaye Gebre-Medhin, poet and dramatist, born August 17 ; died February 25 His outstanding literary contributions as well as his advocacy of peace and human rights causes have been recognized and honored by peer groups and Human Rights bodies.

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