by Team COLINDA, a subsidiary of White-Boucke Productions. All rights reserved. the. official UnDutchables. ®. website, inspired. by the popular book. The UnDutchables. (English language). The UnDutchables was the first book to humorously and mercilessly expose the odd characteristics of the Dutch. Now in . 14 Jun Mark our words: If you visit the Netherlands — or, so help you God, move here — you will sooner or later buy a book titled, The Undutchables.

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| Undutchables , Colin White | | Boeken

The approach of the book was very funny but at some points it felt really insulting and I disliked that feel Undutchable was funny. Charming and appealing in their own way, if you re open to new experiences you will love living in the Netherlands or with a Nederlander.

Colleen Geske Stuff Dutch people like 12, I am also guilty in gook to read this book in one sitting. I am also guilty in trying to read this Scanning the book, I am so infatuated, to the point that I have given this book as a birthday gift to various persons. As a humor book it seems exaggerated. Presents an in-depth humorous look at Dutch life, quirks, customs, and character, with observations of Dutch behavior in the Netherlands and abroad; includes boo, on Dutch idioms, expressions, and homonyms.

The Undutchables – an observation of the Nederlands, its culture and its inhabitants

Het is geschreven en getekend in een vermakelijke stijl. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Colin White British lived and worked there for 8 years, and Laurie Boucke American uhdutchables and worked there for 15 years. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Unndutchables Nederlands Edit links. Apr 02, Volkert rated it it was amazing Shelves: Infidel Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Especially about the part that when we excuse ourselves we say “sorry hoor”now I realize that sounds for a Foreigner like you sorry whore.


The UnDutchables – Wikipedia

There was no need for me to hide my purchase from my wife. Dit boek was een cadeau voor vrienden uit New Jersey. In fact, up to page I have no fewer than 12 stickie notes marking issues I might write about for my blog.

That experience has caused me to rekindle my interest in where I came from and why I am the way I am. Verder is dit boek ook heel undutchanles verouderd. City of Fortune Roger Crowley. A funny book about the Dutch. At least that’s the impression I was given. A must read for anyone who is Dutch or would like to visit our tiny, messy, over crowded but oh so friendly country.

Then the quality and even character of the humor seemed to dip. When The UnDutchables was first released inthe authors had spent a cumulative total of 22 years living in the Netherlands. The biggest difference is actually the language, and even that is similar. This entire book is hilarious.

The authors really point out all the negative things again: I read it in preparation for an upcoming trip to the Uneutchables because it was listed on a list as one of the better books undutchabkes understanding the Dutch.

A better approach would have been to simply point out the things that the Dutch do differently, preserving a sense of what newcomers might find interesting as unxutchables as useful for fitting in to Dutch society, along the lines of the Culture Shock series.

Het is een goede manier om het eeuwige beeld van molens, klompen en tulpen een beetje naar de achtergrond te verschuiven en een realistisch en actueel verhaal te laten lezen over de Nederlanders en hun eigenaardigheden. They have a meeting point on their website www.


Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions We undutchablss a prediction. They view the Dutch as being motivated only by money and demanding their rights, yet somehow it is considered superior to work hard to further your own individual happiness and prosperity at the expense of others.

If true, that would be very un-Dutch indeed.

Sommige boeken zouden nooit moeten eindigen, en dit is er zo eentje. Better not to take yndutchables for granted, but I have to say that most of the things are happening in reality. Colleen Geske Stuff Dutch people eat 16,99 14, After I had registered this boo on Wednesday, March 29, I wrote about this book: You know unrutchables someone might have a lot of success getting laughs at someone else’s expense and then they go just a little too far?

Undutchables 8.0

Het Parool ‘Een vrolijke lachspiegel. In conclusion, this book gives you a peek of the Netherlands: Overall, I’m glad I read the book; however, I would advise anyone who thinks they would like it to be ready to unddutchables a good deal of it. However, I must mention – ik laat me de kaas gewoon niet van mn brood eten! They even reminded me of Rick Santorum stating that elderly Dutch people wear bracelets with the message “no euthanasia please”.