Here I will make several comments on what I have found in Val Valerian’s “Matrix III.” Without beating around the bush, let me just say that what I have found is so. Answer: I have covered Atlantis in the Second Edition of Matrix 5. The new materials in the Second Edition are quite advanced. Val will send you a copy of Matrix. Matrix I has 8 ratings and 0 reviews: Matrix I. by. Valdamar Valerian. Other editions To ask other readers questions about Matrix I, please sign up. Be the first.

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I have not gone out and formally gathered data on this matter, so this comes from my general observations. Jack marked it as to-read Mar 21, Nena Greenwood marked it as to-read Dec 02, Alejandro Salcido rated it it was amazing Nov 18, On reading Matrix V I now finally realize that it was my Higher Self speaking and fortunately my vxlerian were open.

Matrix I by Valdamar Valerian

I had NO intention of anything but the seminar. My shamanic teachers taught that the only valid way to develop spiritually is to do it without ANY vallerian as they are all artificial. Open Preview See a Problem?

As you see, your Higher Self just made sure you were at a location where you could access freely for the first time. That drawing is a good one, but not totally accurate. But on some of Matrix III pages we do find such sophisticated concepts.

Never could I have imagined things to change so drastically – but I just know it’s the right thing and it feels totally ok to do. In M5 you write that opposite gender sex shorts you out. Here are some striking examples: Refer back to my segment on the Time Machine movie. It’s all about manipulation. Once you get the unique feeling of a Higher Self communication, you can ignore, or at least take with a grain of salt, what is given to you by other astral means wandering dead, 4th density aliens, etc.


The Game is loaded with flashing lights, confetti and other distractions to distract you from learning and spiraling out. Kjell is currently reading it Aug 05, I accept where I am and again I appreciate the info that you’ve taken the time to provide.

That, at least, should be considered a positive action. As I read this and other types of similar material, It was almost as if, I knew it already.

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My physical marix not queenish, and I’m not taken for gay when people meet me. JJ marked it as to-read May 22, Return to Book Page. As is the nature of the Dark polarity, they are not easily seen. Aside from the great entertainment value, the MAJOR flaw that I saw regarding the time travel theme, was at the end of the movie when the human Mark Wahlberg goes back to earth during his own time and Thade the Ape Vakdamar has apparently figured out valdamr to time travel and changed the history of earth.

There are far more impressive ‘collections’ than the Library on 27, but that is awesome in itself from a 3rd density perspective. A patchwork of paranoid conspiracy theory gibberish that’s a waste of time. You also should re-read ALL of M5. And are some “offensive” actions self-defense or still attack dressed up in new clothes? Trivia Marix Matrix II: The two-volume 1,page work called Matrix III is perhaps the only work on the planet to this day that completely investigates the motives, methods, aims and origins of the technocratic society we live in today.

Dark shamans attend these events and look to steal personal energies.

Val Valerian, Matrix 5 and The 2012 Countdown

Do you know of anyway for a psychic to shut down their connection from the other side? You also don’t have to agree to certain interactions as well. One of the first observations was the logo of their newest theme park, Animal Kingdom. And this is why many societies and civilizations are far more evolved then we are.


No more, no less. Physics and the Mysterious.

It’s one thing to possess someone, and that happens a lot with those creeps, BUT it’s a whole other thing to be here on valeriab 3rd density as a reptilian and try to hold the human form.

Kipper added it May 14, I don’t know about anyone else, but on valdamqr the information it is like an obsession which has become interwoven into my psyche. Now, let us skip “vector” and go to “spinor. Metamorphosis of simultaneous path Earthers…moving from caterpillar to butterfly as quickly as you can snap your fingers.

If you are not destined valerina be this Final, nothing you can do will change it which is why I say be happy with where you are and trust in your Higher Self. Steve added it May 29, After what I’ve just written about ‘ascended masters’, you ask me a question like this?! This is just another alien attempt at interference with Higher Self Earther incarnations.

We both have studied the Monroe trilogy, have completed the Gateway tapes, completed a Gateway Voyage at the Institute together, and have both met Robert Monroe in person and conversed with him. Although I think I made big steps towards spiritual maturity, the way you answered my questions brought me back to reality and made me realize that although the steps I took might be big compared to how mature I was before, they might not mean anything compared to the steps I’ll have to take to be even more mature.

In ” Far Journeys “, Monroe speaks of the harvesting of “loosh” for some unknown purpose. Baal is LONG gone and of no interest to me today.