16 Aug The Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra also called the Vimalakirti Sutra, probably was written nearly 2, years ago. Yet it retains its freshness and. 23 Jun VIMALAKIRTI NIRDESA SUTRA Ebook cover The Vimalakīrti Nirdeśa Sūtra or Vimalakīrti Sūtra translated by Robert A. F. Thurman is a. Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra. Home → Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra. Download (PDF, KB). Join us in benefitting others. Support our work! Let’s do this together, you .

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Their profound faith in the uncreate was unbreakable like a diamond. By what means should they cut off their clinging?

From mind, thought and feeling are You free, thereby, overcoming heresies, turning thrice in the chiliocosm the wheel of the Law that is vimalakurti and clean at heart. There were also ten thousand Brahma-devas including Mahadeva Sikhin, coming from the four quarters to hear about the Dharma. The demon was frightened, and sutfa afraid that Vimalakirti might give him trouble, he tried to make himself invisible but failed, and in spite of his use of supernatural powers, he could not go away.

The Buddha then said to Upali: For instance, when the only son of an elder falls ill, so do his parents, and when he recovers his health, so do they.

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Bodhi dwells in this suchnessfor it abides in changeless Dharma-nature or Dharmata, the underlying nature of all things. When famine prevails, he makes food and drink to save them from thirst and hunger, before teaching them the Dharma. Archived from the original on April 15, Many bhiksus, bhiksunis, upasakas and upasikas also came to the nirdeaa. After Vimalakirti and Manjusri had thus expounded the Dharma, hundreds and thousands of devas developed the mind set on supreme enlightenment, and ten thousand Bodhisattvas realized the patient endurance of the uncreate.

The Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra

He used to send his illusory messengers to all places in nirdessa ten directions to perform the Bodhisattva work of salvation for the benefit of living beings. Their speeches were profound and unsurpassed. Bodhi is non-discrimination, for it stops memorizing and thinking. It is like a poisonous snake, a deadly enemy, a temporary assemblage without underlying realitybeing made of the five aggregates, the twelve entrances the six organs and their objects and vimalakirtl eighteen realms of sense the six organs, their objects and their perceptions.

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The body, though ill, is not to be annihilated; this is the expedient method for remaining in the world to work for salvation.

Sariputra, in this room there are always eight unusual manifestations:. When you eat, refrain from discerning the taste. The Buddha then said to Purnamaitrayaniputra: It is like lightning for it does not stay for the time of a thought. If you receive it in the absolute state of birth, this absolute state is uncreated. He speaks of hells, animals and hungry ghosts in their planes realms of suffering; of the places of rebirth for stupid men as retribution for perverse deeds, words and thoughts, i.

Because they do not differentiate, and it is you alone who give rise to differentiation. A son of an elder grhapaticalled Ratna-rasi, came with five hundred sons of elders, with canopies decorated with the seven gems to pay respect and offer them to Him. He cannot be revealed by word, speech, discerning and pointing.

Vimalakirti Sutra – Wikipedia

Whose five supernatural powers are walking elephants and horses while the Mahayana is his vehicle, which controlled by the one mind, rolls through the eight noble paths. Can there be true initiation into the non-dual Dharma until words and speech are no longer written or spoken?

This is a bestowal of Dharma. First, this room is illuminated by a golden light, which is the same by day and by night and does not depend on suyra sunlight or moonlight to light it up. Sariputra, death is unreal and deceptive, and means decay and destruction to the worldly manwhile life which is also unreal and deceptive means continuance to him.

This is like one who does not plunge into the ocean will never find the priceless pearl. The Buddha knew of his thought and said to Sariputra: For once, two bhiksus broke the prohibitions, and being shameful of their sins, they dared not call on the Buddha.

World Honoured One, when Vimalakirti so expounded the Dharma, two hundred sons of devas realized the patient endurance of the uncreate anutpattika-dharma-ksanti. Earthly and heavenly ghosts as well as the devas of the worlds of desire and of form who smelt the fragrance, came as well. After the visiting Bodhisattvas had done their work of salvation for the benefit of living beings in this world, the pure land of Profound Joy returned to nirdea original place.


A Bodhisattva called Universal Manifestation, who was present asked Vimalakirti: Sufra, those entering the right position of nirvana do not develop the Buddha Dharma, whereas those whose view of the ego is as great as Mount Vimalskirti may because of the misery of life eventually set their minds on the quest of supreme enlightenment, thereby developing the Buddha Dharma.

I mistook the nridesa for Sakra and said to him: For bodhi is the state of calmness and extinction of passion i. The Bodhisattva Pusya said: In that Buddha land, there were neither sravakas nor pratyeka-buddhas but only pure and clean Bodhisattvas to whom that Buddha expounded the Dharma.

Thus, they had achieved all excellent merits. But of course the episode gets its point precisely from the fact that Buddhist literature is replete with a rhetoric of silence—with episodes of especially significant silence—and indeed, as we discover a mere two chapters later in this very sutra.

Sariputra, after witnessing these eight remarkable things in this room, who still seeks the sravaka Dharma? When amongst those of the ruling class, he was the most revered, for he taught them forbearance. Now using upaya he appeared ill and because of his indisposition kings, ministers, elders, upasakas, Brahmins, etc. Hence this bowl of rice will satisfy the whole meeting without being exhausted.

Sakra, who was that Royal Precious Canopy? Vimalakirti, who knew in advance that Manjusri and his followers would come, used his transcendental powers to empty his house of all attendants and furniture except a sick bed.