Mymetics has gained a unique expertise in the field of virosome vaccines. Our team consists of the original inventors of the unique virosome technology. ABSTRACT. Virosomes are reconstituted viral envelopes that can serve as vaccines and as vehicles for cellular delivery of various macromolecules. 17 Feb VIROSOMES Presented by- Sushmita Gupta cy Industrial Pharmacy Acharya & B.M. Reddy College of Pharmacy.

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Saunders, in The Immune Response The encapsulation of various forms of genetic material in the virosome, to be used for prophylactic or therapeutic purposes, has been achieved in a number of studies [ 54 ].

Apart from specificity of cell surface interaction, a major advantage of virosomes is their capability to enhance antigen presentation. Virosomes can, however, deliver these agents to the target cells without being affected by the host defense mechanisms.

Safety and immunogenicity of a new mammalian cell-derived recombinant hepatitis B vaccine containing pre-S1 and pre-S2 antigens in adults. Recently, it has been proposed that the combination of chemotherapy using tumor-targeting NPs with radiotherapy could improve the therapeutic efficacy synergistically.

Virosome – an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Once these vesicles are in systemic circulation, they can reach the specific tissue and help in yielding the desired therapeutic effects. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Passive and active drug targeting: Isr Med Assoc J. The genetic material once delivered can, then, be utilized by the cellular machinery for the translation of the encoded genes.


Black arrows indicate intravenous injections.

Additionally, virosomes induce both cytotoxic and helper T-cell responses [ 4142 ]. The complete virosome assembly is generally spherical in shape, with viral proteins protruding out of the surface. The virosomes incorporated DOX efficiently via the remote loading method, resulting in physiochemical properties that were suitable for systemic administration.

If the virosomes containing DOX are more stabilized in the bloodstream, the virowomes could exhibit higher antitumor activity than DOXOVES by taking advantage of the passive and active targeting abilities simultaneously.

Virosomes-Hybrid Drug Delivery Systems

Share Printer-friendly version Send by email. In one study of influenza vaccines in geriatric human vaccinees, a virosome subunit influenza vaccine induced superior levels of anti-influenza antibodies compared to a conventionally injected influenza subunit vaccine. In all the cases, the main aim is the provision of a nano-sized protein, nucleic acid or a drug molecule to the intended site of action. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Both are composed of a lipid bilayer enclosing a cavity that can be utilized for carrying a drug, nucleic acid or other similar entity to the target site. Human Vaccines ; 2: Journal List Int J Nanomedicine v.

Virosome – Wikipedia

Ultra thin sections 80 nm were cut from sample block, and mounted on mesh copper grids. The full terms of the License are available at http: Generally, virosomes are suspended in buffered saline — mM NaClbut other suitable vehicles also firosomes. The lipid bilayer can easily integrate the hydrophobic drugs in it.

For example, in the hopes of devising a better flu vaccine, scientists in the Netherlands confined a major epitope of the influenza virus nucleoprotein NP to a virosome and used it to intramuscularly vaccinate mice that had been primed with infectious virus. Other possible reasons for the repression of weight loss of mice are as follows: Moreover, this number is expected to increase even further. Advanced therapy medicinal products pose unique manufacturing challenges that will require appropriate and thoughtful facility design and equipment.


Cationic liposomes are the most extensively studied vehicles reviewed in Agri and Aquaculture Journals Dr. The formation of tetrazolium from WST-8 was monitored on a Varioskan fluorescence microplate reader at nm. Virosomes have proved to be a very effective mode of vaccine administration with a low incidence of adverse events.

They can serve as excellent means to deliver hydrophilic and hydrophobic drug molecules to a specific type of tissue [ 13 ]. In addition, the neuraminidase NA is also included in the virosome assembly as it can enhance the immunogenicity and targeting of the virosome to a particular tissue. Erythrocytes, hepatocytes, tumor cells and cells of the respiratory and gastrointestinal system have been targeted using the technique [ 417172 ].

Thus, we could lower free DOX concentration in serum and thereby repress the unexpected weight loss of mice. A Novel Vaccination Technology.