1 Jan Abstract. Energy management programs are vital to the economic life of any industry and heat recovery boilers play a dominant role in those. Waste heat boiler deskbook. Front Cover. V. Ganapathy. Fairmont Press, Jan 1, – Technology & Engineering – pages. Covers the design and application of waste heat boilers for industrial, cogeneration and municipal solid waste applications. Real-life case studies aid the.

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Strictly speaking, a trial and error procedure is required to solve for the performance; it consists briefly of the following steps: Using this method, one need not evaluate heat. If the fuel oil is extremely dirty, a bare tube deSign, though expensive, may be the only choice.

The metal resistance is also small and, hence, the gas-side coefficient governs the overall coefficient and the size of the equipment. Since a pump is used to achieve circulation, one can size it to obtain any circulation ratio. The above concept comes in handy when one wants to quickly figure the effect of heaf on performance. The pressure drop may be computed as before. The water used for injection should be of high quality, preferably demineralized.

Pigure shows a two pass elevated drum fire tube boiler for this service. Leakage is not a serious concern in tubular 92 Waste Heat Boiler Deskbook heaters, but they are large in size and hence heavy feskbook to the low overall heat transfer coefficient. Table shows the gas data with and without injection. Number of tubes Length, ft.

Plant engineers can use the simplified procedures described in the text for instance to check for fouling, estimate bypass flow for gas temperature control or estimate the gas temperature at the Selective Catalytic Reduction system SCR at different load conditions.

Partial pressure of C02, Hewt,See Appendix E for more information on computing he at high pressures. There are legal and social issues which have to be handled, making incineration siting a costly and long drawn affair. Exhaust gases from gas turbines are usually clean bboiler they burn premium fuels with high excess air.


Infrared incineration technology uses electricity as the energy source and the heat generated by high resistance infrared heating elements is used to burn hazardous wastes; however this technology is still under development. The booler requirements for transporting the RDF along with the combustion air requirements have to be factored into the sizing of waset forced and induced draft fans. The book addresses various aspects of heat recovery boilers, such as engineering, specifying, system design, optimization and performance evaluation.

Operating modes for Cheng cycle.

The economizer can be located at the gas exit as shown. Kimberly Roy, “Medical waste incineration,” Hazmat world, Junep 17 This chapter will address two of the well known correlations. The units could be unfired or fired. Also, V c equals 1. Equal or slightly more electrical power output compared to a combined cycle system with the same gas turbine.

Problems with melting glass in the bed. HRSGs for gas turbines could be of natural or forced circulation type, Figure and From Equationwe note that for the same thermal performance and gas flow, NO.

Chapter 2 Fire Tube Boilers Fire tube boilers are widely used in chemical plants, refineries and in incineration systems, Figure The process continues as long as a temperature differential exists between the gas stream and air. Two gas pass fire tube boiler with elevated drum desibook sulfur recovery application.

Fire tube boilers may be of single shell design or of elevated drum type. However, the Waste Heat Boiler Deskbook pressure drops and tube geometries are different.

Grimson’s Values of B and N boilre.

Waste heat boiler deskbook

In natural circulation units, the boiler tubes are vertical and the thermal head differential between water and steam-water mixture is responsible for the circulation through the system. Polystyrene 17, Polyurethane foam 17, Examples are also given on how to compute the tube wall temperatures, including the effect of scale.

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The fan curve and the HRSG performance must be studied in depth before selecting the drskbook. Figure shows the scheme for manufacture of hydrogen or ammonia.

Reciprocating stoker fire boilers have been used to burn them while generating steam for power or process. Venturi scrubbers can remove both particulates and acid gases but require a higher gas pressure drop and are less effective on fine particulates.

With smaller tubes, one needs fewer for the same duty. Absence of major auxiliaries such as steam turbine boi,er condenser, which results in less complexity and cost. WC density of gas and water; lbI cu ft acceleration due to gravity, ftl sec 2 coefficient of discharge, 0.

Combustion air usually much below stochiometric levels is provided by a forced draft fan; the air is directed below the grate and comes into contact boilr the refuse.

F Factor from Fishenden and Saunders.

Waste Heat Boiler Deskbook – V. Ganapathy – Google Books

The alternative with the lowest Lee is usually chosen if the geometry is acceptable. The molecular bolier of N02 is With larger gas turbines evaporative coolers are used to alleviate this concern, but this is an added cost. It may be noted that each 1 in wc reduces the power output of the turbine by nearly 0.

The average heat flux is: For the maximum velocity to occur in the diagonal plane, the diagonal pitch x need be only half of the transverse pitch. Figure shows a recovery scheme and Figure an arrangement of boilers for generating steam and power from refuse.