THAT EVENING SUN GO DOWN. William Faulkner. Monday is no different from any other week day in Jefferson now. The streets are paved now, and the. Complete summary of William Faulkner’s That Evening Sun. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of That Evening Sun. 21 Aug In That Evening Sun by William Faulkner we have the theme of fear, innocence and inequality. Taken from his Selected Short Stories collection.

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They looked like cat’s eyes do, like willia big cat against the wall, watching us. Then Jason said he would stop if Dilsey would make a chocolate cake.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Nancy was talking loud. They won’t mind if you at my house. You put smoke in my eyes. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

She didn’t look at us again. Quentin narrates the story in the turn of the century, presumably at age twenty-four although in The Sound and the Fury he commits suicide at age nineteentelling of events that took place fifteen years before. It’s been three times now since–” until Mr. We couldn’t see Jubah, any more than we could see Nancy sitting there in her house, with the door open and the lamp burning, because she didn’t want it to happen in the dark.

Her eyes looked at us and she sat there, her elbows on her knees, holding the cup in both hands, looking at us across the wet cup, makin the sound. She has been knocked down and kicked in the face by a white client from whom she demanded payment, after which she, not he, has been jailed. Mother told us to go out and father said he didn’t know if Jason would get a chocolate cake or not, but he knew what Jason was going to get in about a minute.


Just put it off. Nancy has a confrontation with a white man named Mr.

We can play some more,” she said. Search That Evening Sun. And it was winter, too.

Anthology of Thirties Prose

She didn’t look at father now, but he looked down at her, at her long, limp, moving hands. We had to play quiet, on her pallet, until father woke and it was time for her to go down and get breakfast. Lovelady was a short, dirty man who collected the Negro insurance, coming around to the cabins and the kitchens every Saturday morning, to collect fifteen cents.

She looked at me, sitting in the chair before the cold stove, the sailor hat on her head. Faulkner was influenced by the european modernism, and employed the Stream of consciousness in several of his novels.

We walked down the lane. So predominant would the belief been at the time that black people were not equal to white people, even Nancy herself is believing it. You all must get to bed. For the film, see That Evening Sun film.

On the two occasions that Nancy walks down the lane with the children it is obvious to the reader that she is afraid.

I going to get Versh to walk home with you. Then we came to her house. Sometimes she said she was and sometimes she faulmner she wasn’t any kin to Jubah.

The water still ran down Nancy’s face. She didn’t shut up until just before daylight, when the jailer began to hear a bumping and scraping upstairs and he went up there and found Nancy hanging from the window bar. I’d cut his head off and I’d slit her belly and I’d shove-“. Tell him to let me come home with yawl and sleep on the floor. White man can come in my house, but I can’t stop him.


Stovall kicked her in the mouth with his heel and the marshal caught Mr. Then the sound began again, in the stairway, not loud, and we could see Nancy’s eyes half way up the stairs, against the wall. When yawl walk out that door, I gone. Captivated me the whole way through.

I can feel wiliam now, in this lane. Caddy took the popper out of the fire. I went back to the library. We know that Quentin is nine at the time of the story; we know too, from The Sound and the Fury, that he was nineteen in Jul 21, Steven Godin rated it it was ok Shelves: That Evening Sun by William Faulkner.

We would stop at the ditch, because father told us to not have anything to do with Jubah – he was a short black man, with a razor scar down his face – and we would throw rocks at Nancy’s house until she came to the door leaning her head around it without any clothes on. Handy song, popular at the time the story was written, called Saint Louis Blues.

What is Jubah going to do to her? You get a-holt of yourself.