We have newly developed the DPharp EJX series of pressure and differential pressure transmitters with the advanced silicon resonant sensor. The DPharp EJX. Differential Pressure transmitters compare two pressures and transmit the difference to a control unit. Differential Pressure transmitter have a limitless number of. Yokogawa gauge pressure solutions include traditional mount and in-line mount transmitters, all featuring Yokogawa DPharp technology to deliver accurate.

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Ultra Low-Copper Amplifier Housing.

A multivariable transmitter already exists that measures differential and static pressures using multiple sensors. Highly nikkel alloy, an pressurd highly corrosion- resistant material used for the EJA series, is also used for the seal diaphragms. Pressure transmitters are used to measure the pressure or level of industrial liquids and gases.

Fully programmable, the indicator is customizable for your needs. With our DP transmitter, there are fewer devices to manage, maintain and calibrate, lowering overall lifecycle costs. The pressure-receiving unit features a symmetrical structure resistant to the effects of various external pressure disturbances.

New DPharp EJX Series Pressure And Differential Pressure Transmitters

Whether installed in the harsh environment of an offshore platform or a refinery in the burning desert heat, our DPharp series delivers accurate, repeatable, and high integrity process measurements. P10 series can be used to measure not only differential pressure but also flow rate, liquid level, density and other process variables.

In order to support a wide variety of applications, we have a broad-ranging family of transmitters, including gauge pressure transmitters, absolute pressure transmitters, flange-mounted differential pressure transmitters, screw-in pressure transmitters, high static pressure type differential pressure transmitters, pressure and differential pressure transmitters with seal diaphragms, sanitary type pressure and differential pressure transmitters, and differential pressure mass flow transmitters.

Since the effects of overpressure are marginal and the transmitter has been made lightweight, the transmitter can be directly mounted for instrumentation without the need for a three valve manifold. Yokogawa have been manufacturing electronic pressure transmitters for more than four decades.

Figure 10 shows the overall block diagram of the transmission unit. Improved performance can be attributed to the unique resonant silicon sensor design with dual resonators. This compensation is referred to as Dynamic Compensation and improves DP measurement accuracy.


Pressure Transmitters | Yokogawa SE Asia

The silicon resonant sensor yomogawa into the DPharp series features two resonators formed using MEMS technology at the yokobawa of the silicon diaphragms where tensile strain and compressive strain occur.

Thanks to the enhanced flexibility in model selection and the added transmitter functionality, the EJX series has the excellent capability to meet the need for versatile applications, further contributing to minimizing customers’ total cost of ownership TCO.

There are several technologies on the market to measure mass flow. Absolute pressure is always a positive value.

Yokogawa Pressure Transmitter LPS Overview

Not only its records of long- term field use, but also the results of a year long-term drift test demonstrate that the series has exceptionally superior operating stability see Figure 3. The silicon resonant sensor used for the EJX series is stable because of its operating principle.

The user-friendly multifunctional LCD display and the enhanced self-diagnostics and maintainability provide users with increased operation efficiency. Improved performance can be attributed to the unique resonant silicon sensor design with dual resonators. Diaphragm Seal System consists of differential pressure or gauge pressure transmitter with one or two diaphragm seal. Low Power Pressure Transmitter. With the rapid globalization of markets, numerous international standards and approvals are becoming necessary.

The EJX series has some programs to verify microprocessor operation.

This transmitter precisely measures differential pressure, static pressure, and process temperature; then uses these values in a high-perfomance on-board flow computer to deliver fully compensated Mass Flow. The EJX series is the world’s first series of differential pressure transmitters that can measure both differential and static pressures with just one sensor, as well as provide pressure readings and outputs. Compact, lightweight, intuitive and intelligent, Yokogawa pressure instruments simplify all aspects of handling, commissioning, installation, operation, and maintenance while delivering outstanding performance.

DPharp performance in boiler drum level measurement applications is superior to metallic capacitance type pressure transmitters. Figure 15 shows the effects of overpressure.

Once it returns to normal operating pressure, the transmitter returns to operation within the defined accuracy and stability specifications with no need for recalibration. The resonance frequency calculation is simplified here into the following equation for ease of explanation. The line includes transmitters that can measure differential pressure, absolute pressure, and gauge pressure with a variety of different process connections.


Using Bernoulli’s equation, Differential Pressure transmitters can be used to infer the flow of fluid through a pipe. Liquid Level transmitters measure differential pressure to infer the level in a vessel. This technology eliminates the need for pressure gauges, contributing to cost reductions in plant installations.

The amounts of high- and preswure side fluid within the capsule are well balanced so that effects due to the expansion or compression of the internal yokoyawa caused by temperature or static pressure changes are minimized.

Safety as trajsmitter At Yokogawa, safety is never an option. Hygienic Pressure Transmitters are designed to fulfil the requirements of yokogwa and pharmaceutical application. Stability under all operating conditions What happens when a transmitter sensor is exposed to overpressure?

We have newly developed an ASIC device based on low-noise design while simultaneously featuring low current consumption, thereby achieving performance three times or more higher than that of the conventional series. Enhanced Self-diagnosis Functions The self-diagnosis functions of the EJX series have been enhanced to execute as many as 30 items of diagnosis and raise about 20 types of alarms.

It is the primary feature of the silicon resonant sensor that by previously determining each coefficient from actually measured appropriate data, differential pressure and static pressure signals can be calculated from the deformation in the single diaphragm ypkogawa simply making differential and summational computations. For this reason, time periods fractional lengths of time that are shorter than that of the reference clock and therefore cannot be measured, occur at both ends of the sampling time interval in the case of the reciprocal method based counter circuit employed for the EJA series.